So, ummm, it's been a long time since our last post, which makes us feel rather slack, to be honest.

We are now living on either sides of the planet with Mike in London and Paddy in Piha. Before Mike headed overseas he encoded all the Pitch Black live DATs and has been slowly going through them so at some point we can release a selection of live tracks. Unfortunately we didn't manage to record our most recent live show at Ozora in Hungry, but we had a fantastic time, rocking the chill stage with a high energy set.

We have recently uploaded all our music to YouTube - you can find us at https://www.youtube.com/user/pitchblackofficial

As well as this, we have some other stuff going on that we want to tell you about.........................

Mike has just finished the first studio album under his Misled Convoy guise - Tickling the Dragon’s Tail.  As with Pitch Black, the project is heavily influenced by bass music, but draws equally from ambient, noise and electronica. So while tracks like ‘Ring Wraith’ are reminiscent of early ‘Futureproof’ material, others such as ‘It's in Here‘ are notable for their edgey cinematic ambience.

The album is available as a digital download via Bandcamp as well as from all other stores, such as iTunes and Beatport, plus there is also a limited edition CD which can be sourced from Bandcamp as well, or via record shops.

Paddy meanwhile has been very busy: last year he joined Moana Maniapoto and the Tribe as keyboard player and musical director, and has been touring the world with them. He is just finishing up producing and co-writing their new album RIMA (Five) which comes out on September 26th. He has also been writing music for Wellington's World of Wearable Art show, and composing soundtracks for his partner Louise Potiki Bryant's contemporary dance works.

"But what about Pitch Black?" We hear you cry... Well, we are definitely still a unit! We will make music together one day when circumstances permit - in the year 2016 we will have been at it for 20 years as a group so it seems silly not to aim for such an auspicious anniversary...

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our solo projects.



Just a quick update to let you know we are playing Ozora Festival in Hungary this August. More details on their website



Gidday from Pitch Black!

You turn around and…...... sheeeit!! Over a year has slipped by since our last mail! You may (or may not) have be wondering what we've been up to in the last 12 months! But first things first…

How are ya?

Yeah, thought so.

Us too.

Our big news is that we are about to drop a new album! Well, it's a compilation album of some of the remixes we've done for people over the years, plus some of our own tracks that we have dug out of the vaults - unreleased mixes and the like - which we have put all in one place for your listening pleasure.

1. Hirini Melbourne & Richard Nunns: Te Po (Pitch Black Remix)
2. Pitch Black: Kaikoura Dub (from Whale Rider)
3. International Observer: House of the Rising Dub (Pitch Black Remix)
4. Salmonella Dub: For the Love Of It (Pitch Black Version)
5. Tom Cosm: The Opaque (Pitch Black Remix)
6. Katchafire: Sensimillia (Pitch Black Remix)
7. Pitch Black: I'm a Wanderer (First .Ever. Tune.)
8. Mirror System: Mirror Beach (Pitch Black Remix)
9. Laya Project: A New Day (Pitch Black Remix)
10. Pitch Black: Protect the Grain (Flex EP Mix)
11. Tiki: Past Present Future (Pitch Black Remix)

and if you buy the album from our BandCamp page, you get not only
12. Across Digital - Disarray (Pitch Black Remix)
13. Zen Lemonade - For Your Digitalize Only (Pitch Black Remix)
thrown in, but you can also download an animated short film that we composed the soundtrack for back in 1997 called "DELF" (and get the album artwork too).

So pretty much something in there for everyone, we reckon. We've carefully sequenced the tracklist so the whole album flows by very nicely as a cohesive listening experience.

For the Kiwis amongst you, Salmonella Dub, Tiki and Katchafire will be familiar names: for those of you unlucky not to be born/live in Godzone ;-), all three bands were, and are, at the forefront of the phenomenally successful dub movement down under, with Katchafire channeling the spirit of the Wailers, and Salmonella and Tiki infusing dub sensibilities into drum'n'bass and electronica.

Further afield, Mirror System is the downtempo project of System 7's Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy (also from 70s psych rockers, Gong), who we met in Japan aeons ago and did a remix swap with. Likewise, International Observer had remixed so many of our tracks over the years, that it was only fair we repaid the favour and deconstructed his dub take on the classic "House of the Rising Sun". Laya Project was a very different kettle of fish, being a project set up to raise funds for the victims of the 2004 Asian Tsunami. We reckon its one of the best things we've ever done, and clocks in at a hefty/healthy twelve minutes!

We loved working with these artists and remixing their work, as it gave us a chance to play with different types of sounds and composing techniques. It has also helped us make new friends across the globe.

From our own ouevre, "Kaikoura Dub" was originally a long jam, which was then edited down for inclusion in the film "Whale Rider" before morphing into "Elements Turn" on "Ape to Angel". Over the years we have had so many emails asking for the track that we felt obliged to hunt around in the garage for the original DAT recording. ‘I’m a Wanderer’ was the first track we ever worked on together, evolving from a long drums and effects jam that Mike had begun, which we then chopped up into a structure and Paddy added his magic to. Pitch Black was born :-)

The album drops on June 13th, and will be available from all major download stores worldwide as well as most good record shops. You can also buy it direct from us, either as a download or CD, by going to www.pitchblack.bandcamp.com. Pre-orders are open now, and this allows you to download three tracks right away, with a link to the rest sent to you on release day.


We've been gigging somewhat less regularly this past year, while Mike devotes more time to his young family. While doing less shows overall, we have been concentrating on ones where we can put in really special video environments.

At last year's Splore Festival in Tapakapanga Regional Park we installed three colums of 3D video cubes with expert projector-mapping assistance from Chris MacMillian from Mulk. Also last year we played at LATE at the Auckland Museum where we got to create a series of audio-visual environments amongst the natural history exhibition. Paddy gave a teaser of his new live AV show, playing in amongst the dinosaurs, and then we took it into the main foyer for some quadraphonic sound and mapped projections.

In December we were invited to celebrate Massive's 15th year anniversary with a summer Solstice gig on the remote east coast of the South Island, 2 hours north of Christchurch, an amazing site at the end of a dirt road that basically ran out onto the beach. A host of fantastic NZ electronic acts played, and once again we were reminded about the awesomeness of Aotearoa's natural environment.

The following month we played the Kotahitanga Hauraki Unity Festival in Paeroa, an event put on by the local Marae from all around the Hauraki Area. Mike created a new 3-screen video work with Dan Mace from Remote based on working with the historical Hauraki Digital Archive. It was a great day celebrating, with the other bands like 1814, Mihirangi and all the wicked crew!


Paddy has been playing with Maori bands Nga Tae, and Reo, where he is exploring the interaction between Taonga Puoro (traditional Maori instruments) and dub and electronic production. He also unleashed his full AV set at New Years Eve at the Prana Festival in the Coromandel, and then played WOMAD in Taranaki in March. He is currently composing the soundtrack for "Te Houhi" an upcoming production by Atamira Dance Company.

Meanwhile Mike has been working on building projections for Living Lounge, an inner city art program; creating video for the World Expo show in China; designing images for the NZ Music awards; and building experiential installations exploring underground energy for the Erupt Festival.

We are working on finishing up some new tunes, but in no particular hurry! We're probably going to be keeping fairly quiet on the live front, unless there is the potential to really push boundaries, sonically and visually, and we will keep ya posted.


Well, we are waving a fond farewell to a fantastic summer in NZ, the highlight for us was our set on the main stage at Splore with our new video rig and 3-D cube screens. Was fun to deliver a new look for our show and at such an awesome festival.

We also played at the 40th birthday party for the Govett-Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth in March, a wicked outdoor street party with mapped video projections by Tim Gruchy on the front of the building. We had a chance to re-map the video show to the gallery and dropped a mean set.

We've picked a few of the tracks from these shows and will be putting them up for free download in the near future. We will send a small mail out once these are up.

We've also been working on new material, bouncing stuff back and forwards between each other and further refining our dub techniques. There'll be some tasty new gears out later in the year.

We've also been busy in our individual musical lives, Paddy has been writing music for Atamira Dance Company and the Wearable Arts TV show, and Mike has just completed an exhibition called Underland Domain for the Taupo Festival, an interactive show playing with the vibrant energy of the land and its relationship to the body, working on an arts show for the World Expo in Shanghai, as well as knocking off a remix for Super Cozi (http://www.supercozi.com/) under his Misled Convoy moniker.


Ti Coleing has given our UK label an excellent DJ mix of Pitch Black tunes which you can download for free.